Thursday, November 3, 2011

Heart For Home Thursday~ Leaf Garland

Have I mentioned I love Fall?  Maybe I have.  Today my girls and I have making and putting up our favorite fall decoration.  We look forward to making the garland because it is fun, cheap ( okay, mom likes that part!), and PRETTY! 

First send out your little leaf gatherers!

Have them look for different shapes and colors, not ripped and not too crispy dry.

Dry them in a book for a couple of days.

Of course they are pretty just like this, but come on, we have a houseful of girls!  Glitter always wins!

Mom does the glue at this house,

Just rub a thin coat all around with your finger.

The girlies did the glitter (while Ella sat with Daddy.  She wasn't quite ready for this project!).....

Collecting the leftover glitter along the way.

So pretty!  Now they just need to dry for a couple of hours.

To hang them, a little raffia and hot glue does the trick great!

I'll love looking at this for the next month!  (Only to be removed for CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!)

Total cost for the glitter, raffia and hot glue I figured came out at about 10 cents.  Total.  Being generous! 

What are your favorite Fall Decorations? 


Anonymous said...

I almost called you a few weeks ago to ask how you did this project! Talia and I made up our own version. We failed to let the leaves dry so they curled up after we hung them. And I attached them to the raffia with tape, but hot glue would work much better! Maybe we'll re-do our garlands. Talia loves the pretty leaves and points them out to everyone who comes to our house. Thanks for sharing! Love ya, Laura

Mary Cunningham said...

Ooh Thanks Grace! I want to do this craft with my little guys I nanny for. :)

Anonymous said...

Very lovely, Grace! What a fun project to enjoy with your kids. ~Theresa

Mama said...

How fun! :-) I should try this one day! :D

BlesedBeyondMeasurex6 said...

Wow your progect is so cute!!!Ilove it its is very creatvie