Thursday, November 10, 2011

Heart For Home Thursday~ The Big Three!

There are three things we talk about in our home daily. As in every, single, day.  They are our big three.  In school, in play, in work, in fun, in service in any area, these three make any situation enjoyable and doable. Without them any situation easily feels overwhelming and frustrating.  These things are.....

Love~  Not just affection.  Choosing to do what is best for one another.  Choosing to see the good.  Laying aside our own desires for someone else.  Obedience is also included in this one.  Just as God tell us that love for Him means obeying His commands, as a parent, my girls show me their love by choosing to willingly obey.

Diligence~  Any job can be handled.  Any job can seem like a bear.  The difference is diligence.  Even the most daunting of tasks can be steadily chipped away at with some intentional diligence.  My girls are always so excited when they see their diligence pay off.

Joyfulness~ Joy takes any situation in life and makes it just a bit better.  A day sprinkled with joy is bearable.  A day where everyone is determined to have joy is delightful!  Encourage your family to apply joy to every circumstance.

These are our big three.  First for ME.  Then for my children.  We all remind each other regularly and when we succeed with these, the difference is clear.  What are your big three?  What things turn the outcome of your day?


Colorado Baxters said...

Aaah- a breath of fresh air. Thanks for that. I especially appreciate your definition of love (including obedience). We've been working hard at love and diligence this past week! It's been a struggle- so continually reminding ourselves of Galatians 6:9 (a good one for diligence). Thanks for sharing.

Mama said...

What a great reminder! Thanks! :D