Sunday, October 4, 2009

The conclusion of our "30" Days of Surprises

As some of you may remember, I set out on a challenge this summer to do "30 Days of Surprises". I must shamefully return to say that we only made it as far as Day 16. While I am quite embarrassed to admit that, it was a wonderful time to refocus and add some extra fun to our days. Canning season blew in like a storm and stayed for quite awhile ( actually, I still have apples on my porch!) along with a progressing pregnancy which equalled a very busy, tired at every spare moment mommy.

Here's what we did though!

Day 5~ Hot chocolate with marshmallows after a football game.

Day 6~ Breakfast date at Grandma's house.

Day 7~ Reading time in Mommy and Daddy's room before bed.

Day 8~ Tea party, complete with fancy dresses and shortbread cookies.

Day 9~ We laid out on blanket in the yard before bed where we saw deer, listened to crickets and watched the bats fly around.

Day 10~ The girls and I watched YouTube favorites together because Daddy was on patrol. Lydia and Bethany's top picks: laughing babies and Christian the lion.

Day 11~ Peaches and cream!

Day 12~ Lydia got to go with Daddy to the dump ( pretty exciting stuff!) and Bethany and Mommy went to our little store for a treat.

Day 13~ We built a fort in the living room with the couches, pillows and sheets.

Day 14~ An ice cream picnic in the sunshine.

Day 15~ The girls prepared a breakfast casserole for Daddy almost entirely by themselves.

Day 16~ Made a bed on the floor for a "slumber party".
As you can see, some were more or less exciting or last minute. It was a wonderful time for me as a mommy to seek for ways to bless my children and also for my girls to learn some lessons in being thankful and looking for ways to encourage those around them. It was tons of fun, and I hope some day to successfully do it again!


Karen said...

Grace, what a cool idea! I'm inspired to do this with my kids once I have them! I admire your creativity even if it only lasted 16 days. That would be the challenging part for me! I'm just glad kids are usually highly impressed by little things! :)

Aly sun said...

I think this is a fantastic idea. I'm not sure if it would be easier or harder in the winter months, but not being pregnant and not canning would help. I am definitely going to give this a try, even if it is just once a week it would be a fun blessing.