Friday, October 30, 2009

Help for the three year old who has everything!

Bethany's birthday is coming up end of November. While she may not have "everything", she really is not lacking in essentials. And as we are going to be doing a deep purging of toys and other misc., we certainly are not wanting to just add to the garbage pile!

What she really could use is something to keep her busy during Lydia's school time. The poor girl has colored until she can color no more and I'm afraid she simply has tired of it! Here were a few of my ideas...
Mighty Mind Puzzles~

Pros~ Much variety so as not to get easily bored. Excellent for developing thinking skills. I actually used it growing up so I know it's fun!

Cons~ 62 pieces. Take my word for it, that just does not work in our house!!!

Lace-up Cards~

Pros~ Promotes good hand/eye coordination. Getting to "sew" like a big girl ( Mommy has yet to put a real needle in her hands even though Lydia gets to sew occasionally).

Cons~ 10 pieces. As pathetic as this may sound, that still doesn't do very well at our house! I'm also concerned that maybe it wouldn't hold her attention for very long.

I have been interested in the "Signing Time" videos for a long time. They are supposedly really great at teaching children sign language in a fun a creative way. While I think Bethany would really enjoy this, I'm afraid it might be more of a gift for Mommy to use with future little ones!

So here we are. Not fully loving any of our ideas and yet feeling slightly stuck. So please, PLEASE, if you have any experience that would be helpful with any of these products, or any fresh inspiration ( no puzzles! My husband has a hate relationship with puzzles right now!), please share!!!


Melanie said...

Hmm... no experience here, but I just wanted to point out that there is a big difference between the pieces of your first idea and the pieces of your second: with the first, if you lose a crucial piece, you can no longer do the puzzle; whereas with the second, you really can lose up to 4 pieces and you'd still have one card and one shoelace, and thus still be able to do the game. And shoelaces are pretty replaceable!

Anonymous said...

i don't have experience here either. there is a blog i follow and she just posted toys for 2.5 and up check it out.
Kellie W

RachelD said...

Hey Grace,

Here is just one of the many super fun things I've found from Montessri Services

Rachel Doolittle

Anonymous said...

I know you can get great advice from homeschooling moms, but I have a couple thoughts and a bit of experience trying to keep a 3 year-old occupied while big sis is doing homework. I really like your first choice. It's so flexible, because they can use the patterns suggested or just make random shapes from their imagination. Great for kiddos who like to sort and match. I highly recommend a magnetic version-playing with it on a big cookie sheet or jellyroll pan minimizes loss as well as the oops factor when an almost-finished design is bumped and messed up and hysteria ensues...hmm maybe that's just my daughter :)

I also like wooden beads or old thread spools for stringing. Put them in a big bowl to keep them in one space and string on shoelaces or pipe cleaners. Pipe cleaners are great because they are easy to thread and then can be shaped, too. Only a bit pokey on the end, but good pre-sewing skill to learn! Pattern-making with colored or shaped beads is a great pre-math skill, too.

I have also considered, but can never find the time, stitching up some denim or sturdy-fabric squares and putting buttonholes along the edges, then the child could use shoelaces to "stitch" them together.

"Paper" dolls with magnetic clothes are fun, too.

a. marie

Grace said...

Thanks for your great ideas! I will be running them by David tonight!

Ginger said...

Oh I LOVE the Signing Time videos. Our library has a ton of them, but we own several too. They are great!

Elizabeth said...

our kids LOVE signing time. I am super picky about videos and love these. They have learned so many signs and I have, too.
iluvquinashtonlandonthea from MOMYS :)