Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Yesterday I had the privilege of going in for a free 4-D ultrasound. Like I told the technician, I would do that everyday if I could. Being able to watch my precious little one, all safely tucked away and so perfectly formed was a sweet gift.

My grandma was able to come with us this time ( along with my mom, Lydia and Bethany) and having never been to any kind of ultrasound before, she was amazed at how clearly you could see the baby and how well formed they were.

My little one really didn't want to put it's arms down, so it wasn't the easiest time to get good pictures, but I think it made it all the more endearing to me. I always sleep with my arms up by my face!
Some who have seen these pictures say that they remind them of Bethany. I can't say that I see that strongly, but all I know is it looks like my baby!

The boy/girl debate is still waging strong at our house. Daddy and Lydia voting boy, Mommy and Bethany voting girl. We all like to claim Havilah's vote at one time or another. David said the sweetest thing the other day though. He said, " As much as I would like a boy, the sad thing would be that we wouldn't get a girl!".

I absolutely love this picture! Hopefully you can make out the forehead, feet and the hand resting on them. I am desperately in love!


Aly sun said...

Fantastic pictures! Are you sure there was no peaking at the gender parts? I don't know how you can wait. But the anticipation sure is fun.

Mary Cunningham said...

oh cool Grace! i just made it out:) that is so sweet:) Miss you friend!

Grace said...

Nope, no peaking! I'm sure getting impatient though!

marymo5 said...

what great pics

Anonymous said...

Hey Grace, those are such precious pictures. Cannot wait for your new little one to arrive. It's getting closer all the time. Thanks for sharing these sweet photos. Love, Theresa