Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A little of this and that

I'm not sure what has been plaguing me lately and making me incredibly negligent towards my poor blog! My mind seems to go completely blank as I stare at my page and everything brilliant, humorous or thought provoking vanishes. I think a major hindrance for me is that I haven't picked up my camera in ages! Somehow a post without pictures just doesn't feel like a post! So here I am, resolved to do better and determined to take pictures no matter how mundane they may seem!

In the middle of September we had our youth council retreat. This is our sixth year working on the leadership team for our youth group, but my eleventh year being involved with the retreat ( as I was a part of the youth council before becoming leadership). The youth council is a small group of youth who want to push themselves to become leaders and examples to their peers. They help lead the small groups and run much of our youth group meetings.

Once again, the Lord has blessed us with an amazing group of kids to work with this year.

Our girls absolutely LOVE the retreat and especially the kids. They always make fast friends and I am constantly amazed to see the patience the youth have for playing the same little games over and over ( and over...).

The week after the youth council retreat was our annual "King Family Camp out". Two brothers were away at Bible college this year, but we still have a fabulous time together. We were especially blessed to have David's brother Jonathan and his wife, Laura, there. They are expecting their first child and it was so much fun to have someone to be preggy with!

Last week we babysat our little neighbor baby for two days. It was so much fun to watch Havilah interact closely with a little person. She absolutely adored her and could hardly be held back from showering her with every toy, blanket, book, binkie or food item in the entire house. I can't wait to watch her as a big sister. Don't worry, I do mean literally watch her!

We had the treat of having Jonathan and Laura come and stay with us for four days last week. They are such a blessing and I am overwhelmingly thankful for family that love the Lord and are such an encouragement to us in that way.

Here we are at 27 and 37 weeks. Giving the cousins a little chat time!
Please pray for Laura as she is having some blood pressure issues. This baby could come any day!

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