Friday, October 2, 2009

King Family Update~ Part 5

Well, I said in my last post that Havilah has been going through the most life changes of the family. I think that I will have to retract that statement though as I consider all that our littlest one is going through during these past weeks and months.

We are both growing quite nicely. As I write this my ticker says it is 111 days until we meet this little one. Our official due date is January 21, 2010. Baby #4 is now almost a full foot long! That is so hard for me to believe! This one is a wiggler!!! Oh my goodness! And I thought I had active ones before! I can wake up almost at any hour of the night and they are doing a little dance. My midwives haven't been able to give me a heart rate average at either of my appointments because this one wouldn't hold still long enough for them to keep track of it! The ultrasound was almost as bad. We were able to see baby trying to suck it's thumb. It was so cute!

( My sister-in-law, Laura, and I at 23 weeks and 33 weeks)

After seeing it on the ultrasound, Lydia is convinced that we are having a boy. I'm still just as convinced that we have another daughter on the way though. This pregnancy seems to be speeding by, but my excitement about meeting this new one grows steadily each day. I can't wait!


Aly sun said...

I'm glad it is going by fast! It is very special and I am anxiously waiting to here boy or girl. How are the name choices going? We've changed our minds about 3 times in the last week on our son's name. Maybe that is why the baby is waiting for his arrival.

Raising Saints said...

I'm throwing in my guess as a boy as well!! ;)