Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Extra Blessings!

One of the most wonderful things about a wedding is being surrounded by people that you love! This wedding was no exception. There were a few people that our family was especially excited to see.

Jonathan and Laura came up from Southern Oregon for the wedding so we finally got to get the two newest cousins together!

Talia and Ella are two and a half months apart. While they really aren't that interested in each other at this point, we are excited to watch them grow up together. I know they'll be good buddies!

Another special guest was Seulgi. She is from Korea and lived with my parents for the school year of 2006-2007. She truly became family and even came to the hospital when Bethany was born. Lydia was the only one who really remembered her, but all of the girls quickly attached themselves to this long lost auntie!

Then there was Chia, our even longer lost sister! Chia lived with us for the school year of 2000-2001. I was fourteen!! Needless to say, much has changed since she has been here. It has been such a blast reconnecting with her.

We are so blessed that God brought these beautiful people back into our lives even for such a brief time. He is so good!

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KD said...

I love ALL of these girls!!!!