Monday, February 8, 2010

"There were never such devoted sisters..."

I know I say it on almost every other post, but I LOVE MY SISTERS!!!! They truly are my best friends in the whole world. Other than David, I would rather spend a day with them than anyone else. My sister Mary is getting married in 5 days!!! Things are pretty crazy right now as all the details are getting finished up, but we were able to squeeze in a day last week to just have fun and be sisters!

Rachel, Anna and I plotted and planned and decided that we would hit the mini-golf course. Knowing that we were all at about the same competitive level ( a little below complete novice), we knew it would be a cutthroat game!

Fun seems to follow us wherever we go, and that day was no exception. We all had our triumphs and our heartbreaks, and I think, miraculously, we all made par at one time or another!

The low point of the game came when we realized that Anna's miraculous ability to predict what the holes where named came from cheating!!! Can you believe that dear girl peaked at the card?

Anna sizes up the next hole.
Ella tagged along sweetly. She never even made a peep the whole time!

Mary carefully calculates the score. She was about the only one left we could trust at this point!

It was a close game indeed.
Once more for good measure, I love these girls!!!


Trinity said...

Yay for sister times! :D

Anonymous said...

How fun!!! :-) Oh I LOVE MY SISTERS!!!! Aren't sisters the best!!!?
Sarah Skelton