Monday, December 5, 2011

Soup #5~ Corn Chowder

(This is for you Charlene M.!) I grew up eating this soup.  Often.  Probably because it it soooooo easy to make, the ingredient list is super short and because none of us ever got tired of it.  It always sounds good!

First, dice up some peeled potatoes (I do about 1potato per person that will be eating).  Boil them until they are tender and then drain off the water.  Add 1 qt. frozen corn (last time I added 2 qt. which made it EXTRA "corny" but I liked it that way!).  Add 5-8 pieces cooked bacon, crumbled or cut into tiny pieces.  Now simply add milk to the desired consistency, warm and season with salt and pepper.

(I have started adding a couple tablespoons of butter or a dash of whipping cream to give it an extra richness, but it is not crucial!) 

My stomach is growling!!!  All my girls love this soup too (and apparently friends who come and visit!).


Unknown said...

YAY! Thank you Grace! I'm going to make some right now.

Mrs David W said...

This is a top fav in our home. The recipe I have has diced onion and 1 can of cream of mushroom soup in it. That is the only difference. Soup season is the best best best!