Thursday, March 15, 2012

31 Days of Good Habits~ Day Fifteen

Can you believe we're already to Day Fifteen???  I know it's impossible to divide 31 days in half, but I'm going to declare this the half way mark.

Today is to simply review and truly reflect on how things are going.

Are clothes consistently being picked out the night before to give the morning the jump start it needs?

How are those beds being made?  Does it meet with Mommy's approval?

Are the morning chores done quickly and correctly or are corners being cut?

How about their Bible time?  Are they just checking it off their list or are they learning something from the Word?

Try and look at each step and see how it is really going and how it can be changed to work even better.  Remember we are actually a week ahead of this schedule, and to be honest, when we reached Day Fifteen we were floundering a bit.  Things were getting done, but with much reminding and a bit of heel dragging.  Nothing close to the "habits" I was hoping to see.  The days to follow have been MUCH better though!  It is actually starting to click.  So don't give up!  Stay focused and keep encouraging your children.  WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!

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