Monday, March 5, 2012

31 Days of Good Habits~ Day Five

Monday here we come!!!  I hope that your last week was a blessed one.  If you have been joining in with our month of good habits, hopefully this Monday started out a little easier than usual.  It did for us!  It's amazing how just a few simple habits can make such a difference!

At times, the hair situation in this house has been frightful.  Truly frightful.  By working this into our morning routine in ensures that every one's hair gets combed through at least once a day, which is a necessity for some heads around here!

"Do hair" looks different for each girl.  Lydia (6) has shoulder length straight hair so she is able to comb it our on her own.  She then either puts in a head band or bring me a rubber band to do something with.  Havilah (3) has long straight hair that attracts anything sticky in the county.  For her, "do hair" means bring mom the comb and a rubber band.

After being born completely bald and taking forever to actually grow hair, Bethany and Ella both surprised us by sprouting curls!  Right now both of their hair is still short enough where it is not too troublesome so Lydia combs Ella's hair and Bethany combs her own.


The thing about curls though, is that they tend to get smashed, frizzed and wild looking!  This really has nothing to do with the habits, I just thought I'd share our curl reviving remedy!

Here is Bethany with her morning hair.  Combing and brushing now would only make it go "POOF"!

We've found by adding just about a teaspoon of regular conditioner to a spray bottle of water, then spraying down the hair helps with taming and defining curls greatly!

So by now, our morning routine looks like this~

1. Make bed
2.  Get dressed
3.  Do hair
4.  10 min. Bible Reading

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