Wednesday, March 7, 2012

31 Days of Good Habits~ Day Seven

The final addition to our morning routine is "Morning Chores".  Each girl is assigned a small section of the house that they are responsible for each morning.  Be careful when assigning these chores that they are not too overwhelming and that they are jobs that can successfully be finished without much supervision.  Mornings are busy times for mom and if I have to be watching over these day after day, pretty soon they are going to slip away.

My girls morning chores are....

Lydia~  Kitchen floor and pick up bathroom
Bethany~  Pick up dining room and office floor
Havilah~  Pick up upstairs hallway and downstairs hallway
Ella~  Pick up living room

Remember the steps of teaching a new chore~

1. Tell Them
2.  Show them
3.  Do it with them
4. Supervised practice
5. Independent practice

Set them up for success!  When these chores are completed each morning, the house looks picked up and ready for the day!

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