Friday, March 30, 2012

31 Days of Good Habits~ Day Thirty

We're almost there!!!  We've completed (almost!) 31 Days of Good Habits.  Hopefully by now, these are truly becoming habits for your family and positive changes have started to happen in your home.

Today is the last day to look back at our routines and see how they are working.  How is the morning routine going?  Does it jump start your day?  What could you add or subtract to start your day off on a better foot?  How about afternoon?  Is your house left ready for Daddy to walk in the door?  Does the bedtime routine wrap up the day in a peaceful way?  How about meals?  What needs tweaked to help them run and finish up as smoothly as possible?

Remember to always be ready to change things up to work best for your home and family.  Sometimes we want change just because we are feeling lazy, but sometimes there is truly a more effective way to get the job done.  Lets continue to seek wisdom in the best way to build good habits into our lives!

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