Saturday, March 17, 2012

31 Days of Good Habits~ Day Seventeen

This is the last addition to our Before Bed Routine~

You will have to twist this one around to work for your own family.  All of our girl's clothes are on shelves in our back entryway, two steps from the washer and dryer.  It has worked really well for us.  Having clothes for five little girls in one tiny bedroom  DID NOT WORK, so this has been a great solution.

Even with this method, clothes still end up everywhere.  The floor of this room loves to be covered in clothes.  Picking up this room every night helps keep it tidy and ready for the next day.

Wherever your clothes are kept, make sure they are picked up each evening.  Clothes can become a disaster in a great big hurry.  Train your children to keep a handle on it!

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