Tuesday, March 13, 2012

31 Days of Good Habits~ Day Thirteen

Adding to our Before Bed Routine today.  Today's habit is, Bedtime Bedroom Pick-up.  Around here, four little girls in one bedroom can make for a cluttered mess.  It astounds me how quickly  a perfectly clean room can turn into a disaster area in what feels like a matter of seconds.

In your house, maybe that's not the case, but for us, daily bedroom pick is essential.  Doing it right before bed starts the day clean and fresh.  And the great thing is, as a new day starts, it's easier to see the things that become out of place and the girls are far more likely to keep things picked up as they go along.

So far our Before Bed Routine looks like~

1.  Pick out clothes for the next day.
2.  Pick up bedroom.

Don't forget your Morning Routine!!!!!


Charlene said...

Do all your girls go to bed at the same time?

Grace said...

The four older girls do. Bedtime is 8:00.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, Grace. I just read through all your posts this month about getting organized and setting good habits. Hope it continues to work well.

I know for me when I was a kid I loved having a routine and knowing exactly what was expected out of me each day. My mom drew a little chart that listed my daily tasks and responsibilities each day...I just loved having that hanging on my closet door. (She even drew little stick figures by each action which made me laugh).

It's nice to find something that works and tweak it to fit your families needs. Way to go! ~Theresa Arnold