Wednesday, March 28, 2012

31 Days of Good Habits~ Or, Maybe Not Quite 31!!!

Daddy has been gone since Sunday and as you can tell, when Daddy is gone, my world falls apart!!!

We have actually had a fun girl time, and I thought there would be plenty of time for blogging, but I guess I was wrong!!!  Sorry to drop the ball here at the end, but actually, I was already reconsidering a few of these last "habit days".  I think we are going to skip yesterday and today and just finish up these next three days.  So "31 Days" is actually "29 Days" but hopefully you will forgive me!

So what was I doing these last three days?  I was SEWING!!!  I haven't sewn anything on my own since before I had children.  But my grandma gave me my great-grandma's sewing machine and now I have been sewing up a STORM!!!  I am having so much fun!!!!!

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