Monday, March 26, 2012

31 Days of Good Habits~ Day Twenty-four and Twenty-five

Well, it happened.  Yesterday was full with getting ready for church, getting Daddy out the door for a retreat then trying to distract myself from missing Daddy on the retreat.  In the midst of it all, our habit got skipped!  Sorry!

Thankfully, yesterday and today are both sort of review days.  First of all, how are their devotion times going?  My girls are young and so at this point spending time reading the Bible is more a part of their check list then their relationship with the Lord.  I can play a vital roll though, in how they view their time spent with the Lord.  Let's remember to talk about what they are reading and what they are praying for. Let's remember to continue to teach about God's heart for them.

Our Afternoon Routine is now completed so let's attack it with full force!

1.  Pick out pajamas
2.  Afternoon chores (repeat of morning chores)
3.  Personal clean-up (wash faces, comb hair, make sure clothes are tidy and clean)

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