Saturday, March 3, 2012

31 Days of Good Habits~ Day Three

I remember being convicted once by the statement, "The best time to make the bed is as soon as you get out of it.".  Wow.  What a profound thought!  At that point in my life I was glad if I could dash up the stairs and make it as I heard my husband's truck pull in the driveway at night.

Our girls share bunk beds right now, so bed making is pretty simplistic.  Some of you may be horrified at what we consider a "made bed", but at this point in their lives I'm choosing to make the habit more important than the technique in this area.  Teach your children in the way that you see as realistic and achievable.  Maybe you only have a small child.  How can they help you make their bed neat and tidy for the day?

Making the bed jump starts our Morning Routine which now consists of~

1.  Make Bed
2.  Get Dressed

(Hint!  If you're following along, pretty soon we'll be assigning morning chores.  Start thinking about simple picking up chores that your children can do daily.)

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